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Peanut is in rehab – Not accepting applications

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Within moments, Peanut will steal your heart…

This poor fellow has fallen victim to an aggressive dog on more then one occasion. In an older attack, Peanut lost an eye and in the most recent attack, his neck was fractured. Yet, he still enjoys the company of other dogs and still one of happiest dogs ever.

At the time we were asked to take Peanut, things didn’t look great. He was unable to hold his head in alignment with his body, he had very poor reflexes, poor balance and could not walk straight. His fracture was new, surgery was not an option and all we could do was put him on strict rest, have laser treatment done and hope that he would heal.

Remarkably, this sweet boy began to recover very quickly. Within 3 weeks he was walking straight, head aligned, balance fairly good and reflexes were better. He is doing well, however he will continue to be somewhat restricted (no jumping, no rough play, etc). Though he has more freedom to follow his foster siblings and foster parents around. This will continue until mid March, to ensure a good solid heal.

Peanut is great with other dogs, seems to read social cues well. If another dog wants space, he will find something to do. If they want to play, he’ll play. He seems VERY interested in the foster home cat. It seems to be pure curiosity though. He follows him around, gets right up in his business and if he doesn’t get a reaction, he’ll bark. His tail wags the whole time, A cat that isn’t interested in this sort of attention would not be a good match for Peanut. He enjoys being near his people, he’s always close by. He’ll cuddle for a bit, then ask to be put down on the floor for a bit. He is a bit of a picky eater, but some soft food entices him to eat the dry. His personality is happy and sometimes playful, but mostly he is just content to know you’re there. He likes to walk and explore the yard.

Peanut can be vocal when left alone, he really prefers to be with people as much as he can. Currently he sleeps crated in the downstairs and he will cry for a few minutes but does settle. So he would be ok alone for a work day, but not ok in a condo/townhouse/apartment where neighbours would be disturbed. He keeps his crate clean, but house training is being worked on. Since he is not fixed, we assume some of the “accidents” he does have, is due to that. He does go out and do his business when asked, you just have to remind him regularly. Once he is neutered mid March, we expect that will improve.

Our focus at this time is for Peanut to remain low key until we know he is healed fully, so we are not accepting application until we have the all clear from our veterinarians. We appreciate your understanding.

** Adoptions within the province of Ontario only