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Peanut has been adopted!

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Peanut is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve fostered. He’s happy, listens really well, and is very devoted to his person. In a few short months Peanut has developed an incredible bond with us. He follows us around the home, loves to just be nearby at all times. He loves to explore the backyard, enjoys car rides, he’s house trained, and not only does he love everyone he meets, but they tend to love him too. He’s just a sweet guy.

Peanut had a bit of a rough time in his prior home, he was attacked by another dog on several occasions. In one instance, he lost his left eye and in the last attack his neck was fractured. At the time he was surrendered to the shelter, Peanut had a broken neck and was unable to hold his head in alignment with his body, he had very poor reflexes, poor balance and could not walk straight. Surgery was not an option and we could only restrict his movement, provide laser treatments and hope for the best. Remarkably, he healed up very quickly and he is now walking, running, and playing without a care in the world.

Post trauma, it is fascinating to me that he harbours no fear around other dogs. He gets along with everyone and just wants to be part of the pack. I do not have knowledge of his personality before the attacks, but I do know that Peanut requires a bit of a Guardian Angel at times. In the height of excitement, he doesn’t always notice things like stairs or objects and will dance right into/over/down them. He has a very bubbly personality, but not a lot of thought in consequences (I guess is the best way to describe him?). He will jump off the couch or steps without much thought on the landing. He just picks himself up and carries on.

Peanut was in serious need of a dental when he came, his mouth wasn’t in great shape. Already missing several teeth, more had to be removed and the difficult extractions caused some complications which required some additional recovery time.

Peanut’s perfect forever home will be one where someone is home most of the time. He truly doesn’t enjoy being alone. He will want to sleep up on the bed with his people at night and be on the couch beside them for movie time. He is very much a companion dog and will want to be nearby at all times. Due to his carefree and clumsy nature, I would not recommend a home with small children, but older respectful children that can be gentle with him would be ok. He does like our cat, but he is also very up close and personal at times. So an existing cat would need to be good with dogs, since Peanut only has one eye he would very likely be hurt by the swatting paws of an annoyed cat. Peanut wouldn’t do well in an apartment situation as he does cry/bark when he’s left alone.

Peanut has been such an amazing little guest in our home. He will be missed greatly when he goes. He’s just so full of love and just wants to be part of everything we do. His happiness is contagious, he’s good for the soul.

Peanut was lovingly fostered by Colleen