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Paxton has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Theo



Paxton (or Pax for short) is a very sweet boy from northern Canada, with the cutest little ears!
Don’t let his age fool you – he is a spirited, clumsy goofball that enjoys hanging outside, rolling around in the grass and he will lie in his dog pool any chance he gets!

He enjoys going on a couple short walks throughout the day, but he isn’t totally sure how the whole leash thing works! He’s been getting better at understanding the leash does restrict him, but he does pull throughout the walk, so this is something he’ll need to continue working on.

I would say he’s completely house trained. He doesn’t really know to ask to go outside, but he’s been following his foster sibling outside and will relieve himself throughout his walks.

Overnight, he’s been sleeping beside us in his crate with the door open. He doesn’t make a peep until about 7am when everyone starts to get up for the day. He will try to sneak up on the bed if given the chance, so you’ll just need to make sure you direct him into the crate before going to bed and he’ll settle in.

Pax has the potential to be a bit of a cuddle bug. Once he’s comfortable, he enjoys a good ear and tummy scratch, and even tried to hop up on the couch to lie down next to us!

He’s also very food motivated, so this could be a great tool when it comes to training. One thing to note though, he does resource guard a bit. If he has a fellow dog companion, we recommend feeding him separate from the other dog(s). I would also recommend the children in the home are old enough to understand that they need to be careful when giving him treats.

Pax and his current foster sibling have been getting along quite well, although he will give her a little ‘grunt’ if she’s being too much for him. In his previous foster home, he was living with a few other dogs. Based on both experiences, I think he would be good with a dog that has calm energy and doesn’t jump around too much, or on his own as the only dog in the house. He hasn’t lived with a cat, but doesn’t seem to notice them on his walks.

Pax is generally very quiet, not a big barker (unless he catches the view of another dog out the front window), but will whine a little bit if he wants some attention from his humans! During the day, my partner and I work from home and he perfectly content taking a nap in the living room while we’re working.

If we ever have to nip out to run errands or anything, he doesn’t make a fuss. He’s good to lie down and nap until we get back. He hasn’t been at all destructive and has been given full access to the main floor when he’s been by himself.

Pax just wants a forever home that will give him a nice big bed to sleep in, a little pool to lie in, and a lot of love and treats!

Paxton was lovingly fostered by Alana