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Paulie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Melissa, memory of Cody B.


Paulie is a typical quirky dashy. Full of spunk and full of grumbles. Meaning he has opinions! He needs to tell you about them.

Paulie lives happily in two places with an assortment of dogs and personalities. He is un phased by any new dog he is introduced to. He is cat curious and has been known to chase the resident dog savvy cat who puts herself just out of his short legged reach. A home without a cat or a dog savvy one would be best for this guy.

He is house trained, however is crated when left alone as his foster parents have learnt over time it is best for him. He is a vocal singer when left, so no apartment/ condo living for this guy.

Paulie loves snuggles and can be found happily curled up to his foster Mom’s side as he snoozes the Covid days away.

Good on a leash, he is always eager for a walk around the block, He runs happily along , eagerly sniffing as he goes.

Paulie is currently in rehab as he recovers from some past health neglect and is finally gaining weight on his road to recovery. A happy little guy as his health improves. He would make a great companion for someone wanting a mellow guy to hang out with.

Paulie came into rescue needing an extensive dental. The pre-surgical blood work did show that there were elevations in his liver enzymes and we followed this up with bile-acid tests which did show anomalies. Due to restrictions because of Covid-19, we were not able to access the next logical step in diagnostics. Our veterinarians treated Paulie for the most likely reason for these results and we are very happy to say that he responded beautifully and his liver enzymes are now within normal parameters. Nodular hyperplasia is a very common liver issue and it is believed that it will affect roughly 25% of dogs as they get older. It is considered a benign condition and to keep his liver enzymes in the normal range Paulie will need to stay on his medication which is roughly 50.00 per month for this particular drug (Denosyl). There are other drugs, and supplements such as Milk Thistle, that an adopter can discuss with their veterinarian.


Paulie was lovingly fostered by Carey