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Patty is adopted!

Patty / Female / Silky Terrier / 7 years old / 8 pounds / Adoption Fee is $400.00

Patty has spent the first 7 years of her life as a breeder dog where she has had little to no human contact. She has never known love and is a very scared little girl. She will need a home where her people are home most of the day as it will require a great amount of time, patience and love to help her overcome her fears and learn to trust.

Patty is an extreme flight risk and for that reason alone, we will require that she have a completely fenced yard with no possibility of escape.

She has only been in our care for a few days, and she prefers to cower in a “safe” corner of the bedroom where we have placed her bed. We will soon be moving her out to the main part of the house so she can get used to the routine of daily household activities. She never walks – only moves at a very fast trot. That should change as she builds confidence and learns to trust and slow down. She has never had toys and really does not know what to do with them, except for that one little brown toy that was sent along with her. If we move the toy, she will immediately carry it straight back to her “safe” spot.

It’s so sad to see such a sweet little girl so terrified of everything. She has already made good progress in a remarkably short time. When she arrived, she was crated and when the crate was opened, we could not catch her. In only 3 days, she will now allow me to slowly and quietly approach her and pet her briefly without her running away. We are taking it slow so as not to overwhelm her.

She is a very smart little girl and her housetraining has been going exceptionally well. It won’t take long till she is completely housetrained.

Patty is a very easy dog to care for. She asks for nothing but that you love her and never neglect or mistreat her ever again….and oh yes, feed her nourishing food. Patty has no teeth, but has no problem eating softened kibble mixed with soft canned food. She learns very quickly and appreciates any little bit of kindness you are willing to send her way. It will be necessary for her adoptive family to be very patient with her as she learns to walk on a leash and accept the love they have to offer.

Little girl… is our hope that you will never have to worry or want for anything ever again.

This special girl is looking for a special someone to share the rest of her life with. Could that be you?

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