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Patrick has been adopted!

Happy 65th Birthday, Howard! Love Princeton, Julie, Baylee, Annie, Charlie, and Millee 


Patrick (also known as Happy Feet by his foster mom and trainer) came to Save Me Rescue in early 2019 and was adopted shortly after he arrived. Patrick was returned to the rescue later in the year ( under the name Ollie) when it became clear that he needed confidence building that his family was not able to provide.

Thankfully we had the perfect spot available for Patrick with a trainer who helped Patrick become the best dog he could be. Patrick has excelled under her guidance and graduated from his training program in June 2020, he is ready to start his new life. Patrick’s former lack of confidence had caused him to react to strange people, animals and situations in an impulsive manner. This habit became his “go to” habit anytime he felt nervous, thus causing him to get into trouble even with the people he knew well.

Through confidence building exercises and utilizing CALM techniques, Patrick is no longer the
nervous dog he used to be. He now knows how to calm himself in order to make the right choice in a situation rather than his former impulsive choices. Patrick will need a new family that is able to monitor him in new situations and ensure that he continues to practice everything he learned in his training.

In regards to other animals, Patrick is very good around cats but is not very comfortable around
other dogs. He’s learned to respect the dogs in his environment, but I believe he’d be much more content to be the only dog in the home. Patrick is wonderful on leash and a joy to drive around with!

Overall, Patrick has come a long way in his rehabilitation and now deserves to find the home of
his dreams!

Adoption Requirements:
~ A home without other dogs but cats are fine
~ A home without young children (older teens okay)
~ A rural or suburban setting that’s not too busy or noisy
~ Someone with previous dog experience, ideally someone experienced with the dachshund breed
~ A home dedicated to providing Patrick with both physical and mental stimulation
~ Someone willing to continue Patrick’s education using positive reinforcement techniques and
providing structure, rules and boundaries ( his trainer and foster mom Carmella will provide all necessary support to adopter via telephone and email to ensure Patrick continues to move forward)
~ Someone able to ensure that Patrick is not left home alone longer than 2-3 hours per day

While Patrick has been with his foster mom/trainer he has been fed a raw diet and enjoys it. If you are interested in continuing feeding raw his foster mom/trainer is happy to provide all the necessary information.

Patrick was lovingly fostered by Carmella