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Patrick has been adopted!

Sponsored by Alex in celebration of her sister Ilona’s birthday.


Patrick is a 39 lb., 2-year-old male Lab mix coming to us from a Tennessee shelter. He is all black with such warm brown eyes that clearly express his feelings. He has bee micro chipped in the States. He is recently spayed and his vaccinations are current as of March 1 2021. He does have a limp due to a bullet in his foot. The vet surgeon indicated that it would be best to leave it as he will make a full recovery. In the 2 weeks he has been in foster care, he has gone from barely being able to put weight on the foot to almost no limping. He is on the thin side and needs to gain some weight.

He is a sweet, gentle and happy boy who wants love and affection. Patrick is a bit timid when he doesn’t know people but it doesn’t take him long to cozy up. If he doesn’t want to do something he becomes dead weight and will not move; however, treats will always motivate him!

He gets along very well with other dogs and cats but has a tendency to resource guard his human. It is unknown how he is with children but there is nothing in his current behavior to indicate this would be a problem. He does not bark in the house but does outside when he sees people or dogs…and those squirrels!

He is a big cuddle bug, always near his human. He loves to lay on the couch with his head in his human’s lap, where tummy rubs are the order of the day. He has no hesitation in asking for attention if you don’t notice him. He eats well and loves treats of all kinds. He does have a tendency to try to take (or dinners) from the other dogs but listens when redirected away from them.

Patrick seems to have the basic safety commands but they are rusty. He would definitely benefit from training classes and a firm but gentle hand to teach him boundaries. He is very smart and learns quickly.
This boy will be a welcome addition to any family. He really just wants to be loved. With patience, love and security Patrick will become one amazing boy!

Patrick was lovingly fostered by Jackie