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Save Me remembers Patches

A donation was made to the Marilyne Ellis Memorial Fund for Senior Dogs, in honour of Baylee’s Bark Mitzvah. A portion of this gift has been designated to sponsor Patches. We love the senior girls 💕


Patches is a quirky, sweet senior lady who is waiting for a home of her own. She’s a complete lap dog who hasn’t met an adult she hasn’t loved immediately, and wants nothing more than to be your companion. She’s got good energy for her age, and still loves to explore and zoom around the backyard with the pace of a dog years younger than 11. Patches is completely deaf, so she needs a family that will be patient as she gets to understand your signals and expectations. She has met a few children while in foster care and has been very gentle with them, mostly indifferent but no signs of discomfort or skittishness. Patches prefers to sleep in her human’s bed and sleeps through the night if she’s had a trip outside before bed.

Although Patches has lived with other dogs, she really wants a home of her own where she can be a devoted companion. Patches seems to enjoy contact with other dogs her size when outside of her home. On walks she is good on leash, gives off good signals and doesn’t bark or fuss.

Since Patches is deaf, she doesn’t notice knocks at the door or outdoor noises, making her suitable for living in an apartment or a semi-detached house. She can become vocal with a view to the outdoors where cars and people are passing by, otherwise she is a quiet companion.

Patches housetraining has really progressed in foster care. We now know that when she is kept on a schedule of frequent outings, about every 90 minutes during the day, she won’t have accidents in the house. When taken outside she does her business right away, so on those cold or rainy nights she won’t be keeping you outside waiting on her. Patches will signal when she needs to go out with a little skip to the door. She is able to sleep soundly all night with a trip outside before bed and an outing when you wake up.

Patches likes a walk but doesn’t really require them, and is happy to head right back in the house after doing her business. No need for an active outdoor lifestyle for Patches. A retiree or someone who works from home would be perfectly ideal.

You may have noticed in Patches pictures that she’s a bit of a crooked dog. The vets believe she had a broken jaw in her past that healed out of alignment, and her hips and how she walks/runs are a little out of alignment. One can only imagine what she went thru to sustain these injuries, however she hasn’t lost her love and trust of humans. The prior injuries don’t cause her any apparent discomfort, and she eats kibble just fine. She has a strong appetite and is always excited for her two meals a day, not to mention treats. Currently she’s eating a healthy senior kibble, with a bit of a turkey and sweet potato soft food that she loves.

Patches has been anxious with the number of changes in a short period of time. Our vets prescribed daily medication to help with anxiety, it is having a very positive effect for her. Patches will likely need medication through her transition to her forever family to help her cope with the new environment with the intent of weening her off as she settles.

Patches is a sweet and funny little girl that would love to find a loving home to live out her golden years.

Check out this video of Patches: