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Pasadena has been adopted!

Pasadena is sponsored by Brenda Goodwin in honor of all volunteers who help give rescue dogs a second chance.


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a princess. Princess Passy wanted to explore the outer boundaries of her castle so she told her family she wouldn’t be gone long and with eagerness and fortitude in her heart she put her nose to the ground and away she went off into the unknown. Princess Passy made several friends along her journey, she sniffed all of the pretty flowers and greeted other animals she came across. She came across a butterfly with beautifully colored wings and was mesmerized. The Princess decided to put off her sniffing adventure so she could play with her new friend and so they went off into the forest, frolicking about until it was time for the butterfly to return to its family, leaving Princess Passy alone. But Princess Passy didn’t know these woods and soon she discovered she was lost. She went on for quite some time until a kind stranger picked her up and pulled her into their arms, keeping her safe and warm.

….. My foster mom loves to tell me the story of how I came to be!

Hi, I’m Pasadena! My mom calls me Passy for short…which I am! I’m a 12-14 year old dachshund who is 13lbs. I have a soft brown coat and big brown eyes that will surely warm your heart with just one glance.
I am a really sweet little girl who won’t cause you any heartache. I love being loved! You know what else I love? FOOD!!! Boy, oh, boy… I get fed like a queen here! Hey, maybe that princess story is true?

I’m the happiest little pup when my belly is full and I have a warm bed with lots of blankets to snuggle into. I also really like snuggling with foster mom when we have movie night but she is forever nudging me to stop snoring (ok, that’s not exactly true but I do snore!)

When I’m not snacking or snoozing, foster mom takes us outside to stretch our legs. This is the perfect opportunity for me to put my sniffer to use… I love to run around the backyard, leaping through the grass. Sometimes I trip over my own feet… or nose… I’m a little clumsy!

I live in a home that has two other dogs, one rather large, one rather small and I get along with them. I’m also good with cats.

Foster mom tells me I am one of the quietest dogs she has ever met, if it wasn’t for my snoring she might not know I was there! But when I really want her attention I muster up the energy and let out a great big hound howl… you can’t help but have a chuckle.

I don’t mind going for walks, I walk well on leash but my little legs get tired fast so we often stop to sniff the flowers. I’m definitely more “whoa” than “go”! With the help of my foster brothers and foster mom, I am settling into my new routine nicely. When I arrived I didn’t understand why she kept bringing us outside to “do our business” but my foster brothers helped to show what is expected and I’ve begun to follow suit. I don’t always make it outside on time but if you put down a pee pad I will happily put it to use.

Foster mom says I am the perfect little angel and will make my forever home a happy one. I traveled to Canada all the way from Tennessee because I heard my forever family is here waiting to find me. Are you my forever family?

Pasadena was lovingly fostered by Jennifer