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Palmer has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sue, in memory of her brother Rick who passed away Christmas Eve 2019. He loved his dog, Barney, more than life itself.


Palmer is a sweet little guy, who is house trained, good in the car and micro-chipped. He may be 9 years old, but he sure does not act like it. He loves to play with his toys and be outside with the other dogs in his foster home. He loves to be pet and to be brushed, his little tail is always wagging. He is a happy little guy, who gets excited when you come home after being away. Palmer eats and sleeps well.

Palmer would probably do best in a home with no small children, as he is so tiny and if dropped, could be hurt quite easily. Palmer is not confined when he is home alone, as he is not destructive. Palmer does make a little growling noise when he wants to play, it may sound like a growl, but his tail is wagging like crazy!

Update: Palmer went to the vet and we learned some new information about this sweet little guy. The vet believes Palmer is a little older than 9 years old, possibly 11 yrs old. He also has some aging in his eyes, the vet could see the blue haze.

He has arthritis and luxating patella in his two back legs, the right leg being much worse than the left.
The vet currently has him on an anti-inflammatory that should help with any discomfort in his legs.

Palmer has a cough, it is a residual cough due to kennel cough he had prior to coming into foster care.
The vet believes the anti-inflammatory will also help his irritated throat.

Palmer was lovingly fostered by Carey