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Paisley has been adopted!

Sponsored in loving memory of Riley


I’m Paisley and I recently arrived from Tennessee. Even after my long journey I was so happy to meet my foster family that I showered everyone with cuddles and kisses!

I’m spayed, my vaccines are UTD and I’m on flea and tick prevention. Before travelling to Canada I tested positive for heartworm (HW), but thankfully the rescue stepped in and I received live saving treatment. My initial treatment was a long-acting 6 month injection. It’s important I stay calm and don’t exert myself for the next several months while my treatment is working. Your vet will need to continue treatment for another 6 months and in November I’ll need to be HW tested again. It’s also possible your vet might recommend that I’m on year round HW prevention for my lifetime.

Now for all my best qualities and some things you ought to know about me:

One of my favorite things is a belly rub! Don’t be surprised if I throw myself against your leg or into your lap looking for one. I can lie on my back for a really long time and if you stop rubbing to soon, a gentle nudge from my paw will remind you that my silky smooth belly wants more attention.

Foster mom calls me a “squiggle bum”. I know sit and stay, but sometimes (especially at meal time), I find it hard to contain my excitement and I need to be reminded. My recall is a work in progress and I’m stubborn when it comes to “down”. Yummy treats work wonders.

I like squeaky toys and crinkle toys and naturally shed antlers. I’ve been known to take the antler or toy right from my brother’s mouth. Luckily he’s been patient with me.

I gobble my food so I will do better eating from a slow feeder bowl.

I have bouts of reverse sneezing about 1-2 times per week. It’s usually after I’ve been aggressively sniffing something. To make sure this doesn’t get any worse, I always walk with a harness to protect my trachea.

I have good leash manners and I like to walk for 20-30 minutes about 2-3 times per day. Foster mom says we take two different types of walks: sniffing walks and exercise walks. On “sniffing walks” I’m free to follow my nose so long as I don’t pull. On “exercise walks” I’m learning to heel and it’s all about the step count!

Fireworks and doorbells don’t bother me, but I’m afraid of thunderstorms. I pace and pant and seek out my family for reassurance. This week I tried a thunder jacket and it seemed to help.

When I first arrived I would spend time alone in my crate with the door open. Now I’d rather be cuddling with my family or snoozing on my comfy dog bed in the family room. Since I’m a little rascal and still learning not to chew everything in sight, I spend short amounts of time (1-2 hours) in my crate to keep me safe when no one else is home. At night I sleep my family’s bedroom, either in my own bed, or sometimes sharing their bed.

I am an escape artist and need a fully fenced yard. The fence boards need to be low to the ground so I can’t dig my way out. They also need to be tall because I’m an Olympic high jumper. In fact foster mom once found me on the high top table…I learned the word “off” that day!

I’ll do best with a family who is home for most of the day and would not thrive in a crate for long hours on a regular basis. I’m happy to be the only dog in the house since I’ll get all your attention, but another another dog in the house is great too. Since I need to be kept still for the next several months any children in the home would need to be older and responsible enough to ensure this happens.

Foster mom says everyone who meets me falls in love. I think it’s my puppy dog eyes and velveteen ears. She says it’s because I’m the sweetest little love bug she’s ever met. I melted my foster dads’ heart too…. so they decided I’m right where I’m supposed to be and I’ve found my forever home. But don’t despair that I’m not available for adoption…there are so many other deserving dogs who need a home too – xo!