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Paddy has just arrived

Sponsored in memory of Oliver


Please note that the dogs in our Available Soon area are NOT accepting applications.

Paddy, Opal, Roscoe, and Jacob recently arrived. They were rescued from a hoarding situation and as a result, they are quite scared. Paddy and Opal are more timid than Roscoe and Jacob. These four will need sometime in their loving foster homes to decompress and learn they are safe and have no reason to be scared anymore.

It is only better days ahead for these sweet dogs as they get the care and love they need and deserve from their foster families and learn how great it is to be a dog.

Once they receive any vetting they need and their foster families get to know them better, a detailed bio outlining their personality and what type of home will be best for them will be posted.

Please check back for updates!

** Adoptions in the province of Ontario only