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Paddy is in rehab – Not accepting applications

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Paddy is a 9 lb., 5-year-old female Chihuahua mix coming to us from a Tennessee shelter. She is chocolate brown with a tan and brown brindle face. She is micro chipped, has had her teeth cleaned and received her rabies in March of this year. There are no known health issues.

This wee girl has had a very tough 5 years making her an exceptionally fearful dog. Paddy lived in a hoarding situation her entire life until rescued earlier this year. She was placed in a foster home in Tennessee until she could come to us, which she did 4 weeks ago.

She is extremely fearful of new people and animals, doing anything to escape being close to them. She is prone to defense biting when cornered and pursued, which intensifies her already extremely high level of fear.

In order to help reduce her anxiety, she has a restricted living area. Inside a 4ft x 4ft exercise pen is a larger than needed carrier with a cushy blanket (door always open) pee pads, water and food dishes. This is set up in the living room where the family usually is. She is very clean and comes out to do her business in the far corner. Paddy now lives with 3 canine siblings and 2 cats.

The first week Paddy, when not curled up into a tight ball facing the back of the carrier, would not make eye contact. She snarled if one of the house dogs got too close to the pen. She especially does not like the cats getting close, she will lunge and snarl at them. She did come out and eat and take treats left for her only if no people or dogs were in the room.

Fast forward 4 weeks. She stays out of the carrier a little longer even if her foster mom is in the room. She loves to do long stretches. She sleeps facing the door, in fact her nose is only a couple of inches from the door. She has no problem making eye contact and is always watching the interaction and antics of the other dogs, who she no longer growls at. Treats are placed further from her carrier and she does not hesitate to come out and get them. As of this writing she almost took a chew stick from her foster mom’s hand – until she realized the hand was still holding the treat and backed away! Cats are definitely not her favourite animal.

Paddy has made great strides and will continue to do so if allowed the time and security to do so in her own time. She is in no way over her fear and lack of trust, but she has started on this journey. One can see it in her face and behavior.

She needs a home where her people have the patience and understanding to allow her to continue developing her trust of people. She should go to a mature and quiet home. Definitely no children. A fenced yard is a must as she is a flight risk. Her forever people need to understand that she might never be a cuddly girl but with their help she can be a loving girl.

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