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Paco has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mandy and Pedro, in celebration of their upcoming wedding.


Cue the music…

“I like BIG EARS and I cannot lie, all you other doggies can’t deny , when Paco walks in with his itty bitty waist and those huge ears in your face .. you fall in LOVE”

Are those big ears the cutest or what??? You would think that Paco’s hearing would be phenomenal with those beauties but he cant hear that well, however he totally makes up for it with his singing 🙂 his foster mom thinks because he can’t hear very well he uses his voice to communicate… when he wants something like food or cuddles on your lap he will let you know by serenading you! He kind of sounds like a baby goat singing… whatever it is, give the little man a Grammy!!!! Paco really is such a love to have in foster care, he gets along perfectly with all of his foster brothers and sisters of all sizes, ages and temperaments. He’s very low maintenance and all he really wants is to eat, cuddle, sleep and go potty. He goes outside very nicely and will come back right in when he’s done, he doesn’t ask to go outside so it’ll be important for his forever home to watch when he wants to go potty to lead him outside so he doesn’t go inside.  This sweet man is looking for his forever retirement home where he can spend hours sleeping and cuddling .. could it be yours?

Paco was lovingly fostered by Paulina