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Oscar (formerly Arlo)

Save Me Rescue remembers Oscar

It is with an extremely broken and heavy heart that we share the news that our beloved Save Me Rescue alum and senior, Oscar (formerly Arlo) has passe​d.

A​t the age of 14, Oscar​ came to our attention when we saw his shelter post on Facebook. ​All it took was one grainy photo for his foster mom Bianca to fall head over heels for our sweet old boy, and he was saved.​ Oscar was in her care and absolutely adored by her whole family, humans, dogs, cats and other foster siblings for three months before being adopted by the most wonderful family.

​While his time with his new family was far too short, we ​know that it made all of the difference in the world to our special senior. As a treasured member of their family, Oscar accompanied his parents on frequent strolls throughout the city, visiting parks, restaurants and many other dogs along the way. He became a neighbourhood favourite and no one could pass him by without stopping to say hello. At home, he hit it off instantly with his new feline siblings, sharing beds and exploring his beautiful new yard, bathing in the sun and snuggling up to his parents.

Oscar was incredibly lovable. Always smiling, Oscar would greet his family at the door, trot along happily beside them, wagging his tail as he was always curious to his surroundings. He was gentle, intelligent and adorable. Despite his age, Oscar was young at heart and greatly appreciative of his second chance. Save Me Rescue truly cannot thank his family enough for considering Oscar during his time of need, acknowledging the importance of senior adoption and for doing everything that they possibly could to ensure that he knew a rich, full, exciting and nurturing life during his last few months.

So here is to Oscar, our 14 year old puppy at heart. You touched the lives of everyone around you with your wise and irresistible spirit. May you remember our love for you always, as we will never forget you.