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Oscar has been adopted!

Sponsored by Nicolle in memory of my Grandmother, Laura Jeffery



Oscar is a loving little chihuahua who absolutely loves to be on a humans lap all the time or at least be in close proximity.

Oscar is being fostered with two small dogs and is doing fabulous.  There are also two children in the home and Oscar is good with experienced children greater than 10 years old who are respectful of animals.  When Oscar is sleeping he prefers not to be disturbed.  He is eating well but can be possessive of his food and his foster mom is working on this with him and he is already improving.  He has to learn that he will never have a lack of food…that he will always have his meals:)

Oscar is learning to like being outside for short periods of time.  We believe the leash and harness are new to Oscar and he is slowly getting used to walks.  He is doing all his business outside and loves to have positive reinforcement.  Oscar enjoys looking outside with the other shih tzus in the house and will bark if someone comes to the door!!  He does settle quickly and with direction.  He has learned to sit for treats and he stays home when the foster family goes out and is ok without being crated…He does great and is ecstatic when anyone comes home!!

Oscar has a clean bill of health and would be great with any couple or family with lots of love and cuddles to give.  Oscar would do well in a home with children 10 years +

Oscar was lovingly fostered by Nicole