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Oreo is adopted!

Oreo/ Terrier mix/ male/ 8 years old/35 pounds/Adoption Fee is $300.00

Dear Future Family
My name is Oreo. One year ago I never thought I would find myself writing to you, I thought I would live out the rest of my days with my people but here I am. I am 8 years old and have been very well cared for and looked after for my entire life. I practice excellent manners and am very friendly with all people, dogs and even cats. Foster mom said she would help me write you a letter and tell you about some of the things I like. Maybe we will like some of the same things and you will be as excited about meeting me as I am about meeting you!

I love to go for walks. When foster mom gets out my leash I make lots of happy grunting sounds and run around in circles. When we are walking I bound through the snow and like it best when foster mom runs with me for a short time and I run beside her and feel the wind in my ears. I am good with all the dog and human friends I meet on walks. Foster mom says that when I am outside I act like a young puppy.

Another thing I like is curling up inside on the couch. When I am not outside I am a very mellow dog and am happiest relaxing beside you. I like it best if you scratch my ears while we cuddle and in return I will rest my paw on your hand and look at you with my huge brown eyes.

Foster mom tells me I am such a good boy and that also makes me so happy. I know how to bark at the door to go out and always sit for treats. When we come in from snowy walks I always wait patiently while foster mom wipes my paws.

I should mention to you that I like to tell stories. I make lots of noises while looking at foster mom and like when she pretends that she understands what I am telling her. She tells me that I am full of personality and will make my new family laugh every single day. She also tells me that whoever adopts me will be very lucky and this makes me the happiest of all.

I cannot wait to meet you and promise to be the very best dog I can be when I am finally in your home. I am not too picky and think there are lots of different homes that would be a good fit for me. My only request is that you let me sit on the couch with you and maybe even I can sleep in your bed at night.
Your friend


For more information on Oreo, please contact his foster mom Alissa at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while