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Opal has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Oliver



Opal is a sad and scared little girl who came to foster care from a hoarding situation. As much as Opal is afraid to be inside the house, she is even more afraid outside the house. In her foster house, Opal has a pen with her bed, a couple stuffed animals, her food and water. Even though the door to the pen is left open, she does not very often leave this little area. Opal has washable pee pads in her pen, which she uses, and will continue to use until she figures out that she needs to go outside to do her “business”. Opal needs to be picked up to be taken outside. She must be picked up with a blanket as she is terrified when you pick her up and will try to nip you.

One of Opal’s favorite past times is to try to catch flies when she thinks nobody is looking. When she is doing this, you can see her age of 4 years old coming out in her.

After a few weeks in foster care, her foster parents are able to pick her up and sit with her on the couch. She does not overly enjoy this, but we must take baby steps to push Opals comfort zone. She will now take a treat from your hand. Opal is a good eater, but sometimes will try to hide her food so she can eat it when everyone else goes to bed.

If Opal is having an insecure moment, she will cry at anyone who walks past her pen.

A couple times when her foster parents have come home from work, to their delight, she is sitting on a chair or couch. They have even caught her wagging her tail a few times when they come home!

Opal lives with other dogs her size. She does OK with the other dogs, but sometimes she will give them a little growl to let them know she is not ready to share her food or her space.

Step by step, we hope to gain Opal’s trust to help her understand that she is now safe and will never have to go thru what she has in her past.

Opal was lovingly fostered by Carey