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Opal has been adopted!

Opal is sponsored by is June in honour of her Franklin



Opal was found mid October, covered in dirt and burs and injured. Witnesses came forward that she had been hit by a car, she was bruised and sore when she was taken into the shelter. Xrays confirmed she had a fractured pelvis. Unfortunately the window to do anything surgically had closed and the bone had already begun to start healing. She was immediately put on bed/crate rest for the following six weeks and managed with pain meds.

She is doing great now and gets around very well. Her crazy wiry uncontrollable coat is white and clean and she looks 100% better! This girl is very lucky she was found and able to receive the care that she did.

Opal is currently living in a home with two cats, who she is doing her best to get along with. They’ve come to a mutual decision to ignore each other, though the sneaky cat in the home does set off a reaction at times. She’s easily redirected. She is living with with two boys and she gets along well with them and also loves to greet kids on walks. Adult strangers, cause her some mistrust and nervousness, but she’s doing ok as long as she can keep her distance and not be forced into interaction.

She loves her foster family and turns to them for direction whenever she is nervous or unsure. We’re not sure why she’s so untrusting of people, but given the state she was found in, it’s not entirely shocking. With time, patience and love, she’ll get there.

She’s house & crate trained and is pretty quite for the most part. She is a picky eater and has kept her foster family on their toes with menu options! She enjoys small toys and ones that work her mind for reward. She loves her little dog bed and enjoys snuggling close on the couch too.