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Ollie has been adopted!

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Hi, I’m Ollie!  In early July I thought  I’d found my forever home, but  through no fault of my own, things just didn’t work out. Are you my forever family?

I’m a dashund mix who’s fully vetted, neutered and microchipped.  My foster family doesn’t know my circumstances before rescue, but they’d agree I’ve had to learn many new things. I’m housetrained and don’t usually have accidents so long as there’s a consistent routine to bring me outside. I’ve learned basic commands like sit, down and stay, but I’m working to perfect “leave it” and my recall is about 80%.   Despite being 2 years old, please consider me a puppy.  My new family will need to invest time and effort into my ongoing training so I continue blossoming.

Here’s the most important thing to know about me:  I really love cuddling with my humans, but make no mistake, I’m NOT a lazy lap dog. I am FULL of energy!!  I enjoy long walks, chasing a soccer ball around the yard and playing fetch. When I get regular exercise, I’m very well behaved, if I’m bored and restless, I can be mischievous.

I love the outdoors running full-speed, playing chase with my foster fur-siblings.  My new home must have a fully fenced backyard with room to run and play. When I’m outside I do require supervision or I’m inclined to start digging. Since I actively seek companionship from my foster fur-siblings throughout the day, I’d be happiest in a home with another confident and playful dog for me to bond with.

I’m sometimes vocal,  so I’m best suited to a single family home, in the suburbs, where I won’t disturb your neighbours.

I love food and help myself to anything left unattended on a table or desk. I also have excellent jumping skills, so my new family will need to keep me safe by keeping things out of reach. I’m very eager at mealtime and eat from a slow-bowl. Despite this, I know to wait patiently until I hear the magical words “okay, take it”.  Even when my tummy is full, I can be very persistent about begging . I need a dog-savvy family who can resist my puppy dog eyes and woeful whines.

My favourite things are squeaky toys, rope toys, rubber balls, Nyla bones, Himalayan cheese chews and naturally shed antlers.   I haven’t chewed on shoes, but I’m a connoisseur of stinky socks. My forever family will need to be committed to puppy-proofing my new home.

My foster family works from home so when I’m left alone, it’s for very short periods of time. I stay in a foyer behind a baby gate. Since I’m most confident and comfortable when my humans are near me, I will thrive in a home where I’m alone infrequently and only for short periods of time.

I prefer to be in the same room as my foster family – I’m allowed to snuggle on the couch and sleep in their bedroom at night.  Because I’m small, I’ve been invited to sleep on their bed, but some nights I prefer to snuggle on a dog-bed beside my foster fur-siblings. My new family will need to dedicate time and effort into crate training if that’s important to them.  No matter what, I always sleep in my foster family’s bedroom.

If you’re ready to make a commitment of time, energy, patience and understanding, trust me, I’m worth it!

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Ollie was lovingly fostered by Robin