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Oakley has been adopted!

Sponsored by Wendy, a Pomeranian/mix lover in memory of dear GingerSnap



Hello world…here comes Oakley!

Oakley arrived into Canada from Tennessee three weeks ago. He is the most wonderful pup who is happy and playful all of the time. Oakley gets along well with his two foster sisters, and ignores the two resident cats. He loves to cuddle, and be close to his human most of the time. He is known to follow from room to room, touching our legs with his cool wet nose to let us know he is by our side. He is always up for anything…long walks on our community trails, sun bathing on the back deck, morning walks, night walks or just snoozing on the bed. The moment preparations for a walk start, Oakley gets so excited, he jumps and jumps with glee making is a fun challenge to get his harness and leash attached to his wiggly, beyond happy body!

Oakley eats well and sleeps through the night. He isn’t very keen on being crated and can escape an X-pen in no time flat. Oakley has only played with toys a tiny bit, needing encouragement to play. Never has he picked a toy from the basket and played independently. Oakley enjoys our excitement when he can catch a thrown treat in his mouth. He doesn’t know any other tricks. He now comes when he is called, ALWAYS does his business outside, and will gladly take time to soak up the sunshine while we garden outside.

Oakley loves to be brushed and is quite tolerant of being bathed. He will accept all our kisses and hugs….burrowing his head into our bodies. He loves affection and returns it ten-fold.

Oakley has followed his foster sister’s bad habits and is vocal when other dogs pass on our walks or someone is at the door. He is quickly quieted when asked to…he really does want to please.

Shortly after his arrival at the shelter it was noted that his gait was a bit off and the veterinarian thought Oakley had a luxating patella. Once he arrived to Save Me, we had Oakley’s leg assessed by one of our veterinarians and the x-rays were very surprising. Oakley has a complete fracture of the femur and this is an old healed injury. Generally these types of injuries will heal to some extent and the bone will remodel. In Oakley’s case this did not happen and the area will have filled in with soft tissue. After consulting with an orthopaedic surgeon, that Save Me is fortunate to work with, were advised to not do anything and leave well enough alone. Trying to “fix” the leg would result in it being shorter which would lead to other issues down the road. Because the injury is not in a joint we do not have to worry about it becoming arthritic. No one can understand how this little medical wonder has such good use of his leg and even uses this to balance on when peeing! Oakley is not in any pain, jumps up onto beds, chairs, and eagerly goes for long walks.

Oakley was lovingly fostered by Brenda