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Nova has been adopted!

Sponsored by Nicole and Dave as a birthday celebration of their beautiful dog Roo


Hi, I’m Nova!

Aren’t I handsome? That’s what my foster mom my keeps telling me anyways. I also hear that I came all the way from Kentucky. I’m really enjoying my time here in Canada so far; my foster mom tells me that I was brought here to find my forever family.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself..I’m still very much a puppy and have lots of energy. I would love to go to a house with a yard, so I can run around in circles chasing my favourite toy. I would also love a fur sibling. My foster sister Roo has been teaching me the ins and outs of dog life. I was found as a stray, so I wasn’t quite sure how this dog thing worked. I now love playing with my squeaky toys and my stuffies and I get to lay in this super soft thing they call a bed.

I’m still working on my housetraining. Foster mom says I’m about 90% there. I haven’t had any accidents in my crate though, so I’m doing good! I hope this is something my forever family will be patient with me about and teach me more of.

Since I’m still so young, I would benefit from some obedience classes, so I can work on my commands and manners. Foster mom has been teaching me the basics but I’m a pretty smart guy and I’d love to learn more! Plus, I love being called a good boy and getting treats!

I haven’t met any cats or kids yet, but due to my size, I’d prefer if my family did have kids, that they were a bit older. I get very excited when I greet my people and don’t want to knock anyone down!

I’m so excited to meet you forever family! I can’t wait to cover you with kisses and love!

Nova was lovingly fostered by Nicole