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Nouska has been adopted!

Sponsored by Judy in honour of her dear Izzy who was an amazing part of her family and they had many wonderful years with her.



Hi, I am Nouska. I came from Quebec. My owner had to surrender me for personal reasons. My foster mom says she can’t imagine why anyone would give me up since I am so wonderful.

I am mostly housetrained although I will occasionally have an accident but 3 times in 10 days is not bad, right and only a little wee wee?

I love going for walks and walked about 2 miles today on my little legs. Yoshi (the cat from hell) swats me but I just ignore him. I think he wants me to play. I love playing fetch with a tennis ball or stick and I am pretty good at bringing them back.

I do sometimes get startled and will bark which can startle my foster mom but mostly I am ok especially with noises I have heard before.

I love cuddling, having belly rubs and being groomed( except not so much my curly tail). I like to eat slowly and bring my food from the bowl to the carpet to eat. I don’t know if I am hypo-allergenic but I don’t shed much.

I am looking for a forever home with a backyard if possible. Also, because I bark occasionally, maybe a single dwelling and not an apartment is best for me.

Oh yah, I am an early riser. I like to go out for a quick pee at 6 am and then I am happy to go back to bed for a few hours. I am also crate trained so if you have to leave for a few hours, I am happy to quietly sleep in my crate.

Nouska was lovingly fostered by Debra