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Noah is adopted!

Noah/ Male/ Neutered/ Chihuahua/ 5 years old/ 8 lbs/ Available



Noah is a very social and affectionate long haired Chihuahua who is a world class snuggle bug and movie marathoner. Noah’s perfect day would involve a couple of good walks and lots of time spent snuggled on the couch with his people. Noah likes to lie as close as he possibly can and will look up at you with the most loving expression on his face.

He enjoys getting dressed up in coats and sweaters which is great as he does not have much fur so it helps to keep him warm. As soon as his mom picks up a sweater for him he comes running and eagerly puts out his little head so that she can put it on easily. Noah loves to go on walks and has quite in endurance for such a little guy. Noah is very confident and enjoys exploring new places and going on adventures.

Noah would do well in most family environments as long as children are respectful of his small size. He might also enjoy a home with another similar energy dog friend. Noah is currently alone for a fully work day in foster care and does fine in his crate. He would definitely love a family that would let him snuggle in bed with them at night

Noah is one of the most affectionate and kind dogs his foster mom has ever had the pleasure of meeting. Whoever adopts him will definitely be spoiled with lots of love.
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