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Nixie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Andrea and her dog Penny, in honour of her parent’s 45th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!!

This super cute girl is Nixie. Nixie is an energetic and confident little dog with lots of personality. She is quite the looker and gets a lot of attention on the street because she is just so adorable.

Nixie is so much fun to have around. She has a sweet and playful personality. She can entertain herself, she loves playing with her people, and she can settle and snuggle with her people.

Nixie is a lap dog. If you are not the kind of person to enjoy a little dog warming your lap for the entire duration of a movie or Netflix binge night, then she isn’t the dog for you. She will climb into her foster mom’s lap and not leave. She is a great little snuggler if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re busy she will be content to lie close to you on a comfortable dog bed.

She loves playing and is very athletic. She amazes everyone when she quickly recovers from slips and slides on the hardwood floor and just keeps on going. She plays very well by herself with toys – if you’re busy she will entertain herself by grabbing a toy, picking it up, throwing it around, shaking it and generally being a cute little goof-ball. She is quite fun to play with as she generally returns the toys that you throw and she doesn’t engage in long games of tug.

Nixie just loves her people. She makes a wonderful and loyal companion. Nixie loves to follow her people everywhere and I have almost tripped over her several times because she is so small and is always right at my feet because she needs to be with you at all times. If you would be bothered by this type of behaviour then she isn’t the one for you, but if you’re looking for a loyal buddy Nixie is the girl for you!

She takes a few minutes to trust new people but once she does she will smother you with affection and make you a fan of hers too. If you have treats, she’ll be an instant friend. She loves people and will claim everyone as her own person. If she were able to have a Facebook account she would surely have many, many friends.

We’ve learned that Nixie really wants ALL of the attention from her people and doesn’t like to share with other dogs. She would do best as an only dog. She can get very aggressive towards other dogs who approach her when she is on or near her people. We are looking for a home for Nixie where she can be the only dog and receive all of the attention she wants. We don’t feel it would be fair to bring Nixie into a home with another dog. Nixie is not friendly with the feline species and we will not place her in a home with cats. Sorry cat people!

She is not fostered with children, but knowing her personality we think she would be good with older children who can respect the needs of a small dog; and who will understand that small dogs are not toys to be picked up all the time.

She is an amusing little dog and is incredibly curious about everything. When visiting other homes, she must spend at least 20 minutes checking the place out before she seems to notice there are other people around. While she’s exploring her curiosity sometimes gets the better of her. She will discover strange places to investigate that she can’t get herself out of – I once searched for her for 20 minutes and found her inside a sofa bed.

We are working on Nixie’s housetraining. She had a few accidents in the first couple of weeks in her foster home but she is learning to do her business outside. She is also very good with pee pads which we use because it’s so cold. Housetraining is something that her forever family members will need to continue to work on. She is a smart girl and responds very well to positive motivation as she really wants to please.

Nixie does well in the car and is very quiet. Of course, she would rather be sitting in your lap, but she does well in a harness that is attached to the seat.

She is super smart and she is also very food motivated – it’s a great combination for training. She’ll do anything for a treat and learns quickly.

Nixie has lots of energy to burn and will need daily exercise – regular walks and a lot of play time. She walks really well on leash and can walk for long times for such a small girl. She would do very well in a home with people who enjoy being active. Nixie would also really enjoy dog sports like agility or another sport that will allow her to use not just her athleticism but also her brain.

She doesn’t seem to be afraid of much. Loud noises, such as her foster mom dropping something, don’t bother her. Street traffic and busy sidewalks don’t intimidate her. She seems to be a very well adjusted and well socialized dog. When passing other dogs on the street she will notice them, but she doesn’t react to them.

Nixie has a very healthy appetite – she gobbles down her food and has earned the nick-name of Foster Shark. We started feeding her out of one of those slow-feed dog bowls so she has to work a little harder rather than just inhaling everything. If you leave any food laying around (even on top of tables) she will find a way to get to it and steal it – and she is so fast it’ll be gone before you can do anything. Overeating is something that her forever family will have to keep in mind as this girl needs to keep her perfect figure. That said, she does eat healthy treats including cooked vegetables, some fruits like pears and banana, and roasted chick peas (great for training).

Nixie is a fairly quiet dog. She does bark when someone comes to the door but quiets quickly. She does whine when I first put her in her crate but she is very calm (sitting or lying down) when I return to let her out.

Nixie has connected with her foster mom – and she will want to form a very strong bond with her forever family. She needs and deserves devotion and security – in return she will be the most loyal, fun, and loving companion anyone could hope for.

Nixie was lovingly fostered by Cynthia