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Nita has been adopted

Sponsored in memory of Princeton from his Save Me family.


Nita is a husky mix pup from remote Northern Ontario. She’s a beautiful young pup who is timid and shy.

Nita came into our care with demodectic mange. As a result Nita was missing a lot of fur from her face, legs and paws and along with skin infection. She also had infection in both her eyes. Demodex mange is not uncommon in puppies that come from less then ideal situations (living outside, poor nutrition, possibly an unwell mother) which causes a poor immune system in the young pups. It’s treated fairly simply, and is not contagious to other dogs.

Nita is being treated with oral medication as well as weekly medicated baths. She is already looking so much better and her energy levels have been increasing as well. Due to the infections and weaken immune system, we cannot vaccinate her.

She is a very shy girl, timid and frightens easily, but she is quick to learn and is very smart. She is affectionate and playful with her foster parents as well as fur siblings, both cat and dog. She loves napping in cozy dog beds and is learning that chewing should only be on bones.. not shoes.

Nita was adopted by her loving foster family.