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Nina has been adopted!

Sponsored by Terri M, in honour of her Save Me alumni Abby


With so many Poodle colors, many cannot choose a favorite. However, it is the red Poodle that is so rare, so stunning and so special, and here we are little Ms. Nina, she has been with me for almost a week now and we are so surprise that she doesn’t act her age because she loves to play with toys like a puppy, bouncing back and forward , she loves her walk and walk very well on leash, you open the door and she will be right behind you, she also loves to eat she seems always hungry, she is also house trained not even one accident in the house.

She loves to snuggle on my lap or beside me watching TV, she get along well with her foster sisters and brothers , she never bother anybody, at night she loves to sleep in the same bed with my daughter or my son.

Nina’s ideal home will be one that is quiet and someone will be home all the time or home most of the time because she will cry but not for too long, some one that will cherish her through her golden years and spoil her , pamper her badly to make up for all the bad time that she went through.