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Nikki has been adopted.


While we had begun wondering if it is eve​r going to stop snowing, we recently came up with a great solution to this terrible weather – are you ready? A lap dog! If you are sick and tired of these cold winter days and nights and are looking for something -or someone- to keep you warm, then look no further because your girl has just arrived!

MeetNikki This adorable 10 year old ​purebred ​Pomeranian has made her way to Canada​ and just in the Nik’ of time​! Though we are uncertain as to how ​our special little lady actually ended up in a shelter​ in the first place​, judging by her luscious coat it is clear to us that at one point in her life Nikki was a very cherished member of her home. (Much like she is in foster care!)

​Being moved to a shelter and then ​once more into a foster home​ is never easy on any dogs, but ​has been incredibly hard on her. You see, our sweet girl can be a very sensitive​ one​ and ​unfortunately for her, ​all ​of ​the ​recent ​u​​ncertainty in her life has only ​amplified her feelings of confusion. ​That being said, she has come quite a long way since her initial arrival, and now ​that she is much more ​comfortable in her foster home​ (as you can see from the photos below)​, she is ​beginning to ​let​ ​her true personality shine​ -​and what a sweetheart she​ truly ​is!​

​One interesting development since her arrival was established almost immediately and has stayed true since! Nikki’s​ ​one true love in life is men​ – of all shapes, sizes and ages! What we can only assume ​from this knowledge is ​that her past owner was a man​,​ as she truly lights up any time she meets one! Of course, Nikki is a​ wonderful​ companion to her foster mama however, when her foster dad is in the room​, her mom quickly becomes invisible! To add to the hilarity, the minute he is not paying attention to her she quickly lets him know that it is ​just ​simply not acceptable and promptly requests a snuggle on the couch.​

Overall, Nikki would do best in a quiet home as she does not enjoy a lot of commotion. Nikki is very comfortable with both dogs of all sizes as well as cats, and would be fine with or without a companion in the home who has a similar temperament to her own. Nikki would definitely benefit from a lifestyle wherein her person could spend each day at home with her, although it is not necessary. All said, while Nikki would be perfectly happy living with either a man or a woman, we feel young kids would not be a great fit for her as she is quite shy upon meeting strangers. Ultimately, we fear that a child’s quick movements may scare her, and at her age Nikki is mostly looking to retire and we want to give her that chance.

Lovely Nikki is 100% house trained and does not need to be crated. She would do best in a detached home as opposed to an apartment or condo as she can be selectively vocal when she wants to get your attention! This girl is such a sweetie and our hearts truly breaks for her as we can see how much all the change in her life has affected her. We know though, that once she finds her forever home and she settles into a routine she will be the perfect lap dog!

If you think you would like to cozy up by the fire with Nikki, then please contact her foster mom Courtney, at You’ll be glad you did!

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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