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Nala has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Matt and Tara’s most beloved girl, Sage. Thinking of you – R&H



Nala is a northern puppy her Mom (Snow White) is a med sized white dog of the husky type who had 12 puppies. Like her siblings Nala is sweet, cuddly, playful and smart!. She has husky type markings with a short coat and a beautiful face.

Nala is a bundle of playful energy and loves to go for walks and explore outdoors. She is very brave – and can be a bit bossy with her sister. She really wants a sibling to play with and is constantly trying to engage the older dogs in play. She and her sister Jasmine play together a lot – though she’s also happy to cuddle up on your lap or sleep on your feet. She will do best with an older friendly dog who is happy to play with her. She might be too much for an older dog who wants to be left alone. She does well with cats though she thinks all cats are friends so keeps trying to get them to play with her.

Nala is very curious and loves to explore. She enjoys climbing over and under and around all the obstacles she can find. Her delight in the world is infectious – she brings a smile to everyones face. She enjoys having as much outdoor time as possible – for hiking or playing or just hanging out together.

She will be a joy to train as she is a smart puppy who loves to please. It only took a day for her to learn that sitting gets you picked up and jumping up is ignored. Sometimes she forgets – but that’s because she is so delighted to see people she almost bursts with joy. She is a well-balanced puppy who will make a wonderful family dog.

Nala has been vet checked, given age appropriate vaccines, microchipped and dewormed.

She is ready to meet her family.