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Hey, it’s me, Myrri!

I’ve been in foster care for 2 months now and life is pretty good. I really like my foster mom and my canine foster siblings. My belly is full, there are tons of stuffed toys to play with and I have a big comfy bed that fits my longs legs. My foster tells me every day that I’m so pretty and that I’m such a good girl. She must be right because she’s so smart… you should see all the cool tricks she has taught me! I’ve been training the last month to learn what is expected of me as a family member and I’ve done really well. My foster takes me out on special adventures where I get to meet new human and canine friends. I love the little humans, they are so gentle with me and will pet me until I fall asleep. I also get to go to doggy daycare with my canine foster sibling. My foster says this is helping to build on my social skills but it’s really about me running around all day with my new friends. We have so much fun!

I’m a fairly smart girl but most importantly I am a lover of food. My foster often uses delicious treatos when asking me to do something – this really helps motivate me! I’ve learned so many commands, like, how to sit, how to recall, to go to my bed, to go in and out, how to wait and even how to pee on command! I’m such a good puppy and I work so hard to please my handler. I’m also very loyal to those I trust. Once you win over my heart I’ll follow you to the moon and back and one look into my large brown puppy dog eyes and you will surely fall under my magical spell!

As you can see from my pictures, I’m such a pretty girl! My foster’s favourite part of me is my ears, she says they feel like velvet and I love when she rubs them. I have a soft tri-colored double coat that is marbled with sable coloring and my long shepherd toes match my “legs for days”.

I have a silly personality. I love being playful and affectionate with my humans and canines. I spend most of my days playing chase and wrestling with my canine siblings in my foster’s big back yard. I enjoy stretching my legs and running around like a crazy pup.

I could go on to tell you all about my amazing qualities, but my foster would like to tell you more about me. Hope to meet you soon!

From Myrii’s foster:

There are so many great things about Myrri…

You’ll never sleep through your alarm because Myrri is up with the dawn every day around 7:30am. She has stepped into her new routine easily starting with breakfast, a play, a nap… on repeat. Myrri is a special dog with a sensitive soul. She prefers positive reinforcement and redirection when learning and being disciplined. Working with positive training, Myrri has nearly perfected her house-training skills, has become fully crate trained and has learned that bath time feels so good. Myrri has been an exceptional house guest with a positive, friendly attitude. She’s all about the love and all she asks for is love in return (and food!). Love and affection help Myrri to feel safe and reassured. Myrri is considered to medium to high energy – She makes a great playmate, walking partner and travel companion.

Myrri’s ideal forever home would be with a loving family who will show her patience and affection. A family that will play with her and dedicate themselves to the continuation of her training to help Myrri build her confidence. Myrri would love to have a back yard of her own where she run around and stretch her legs. She would also like to have a canine companion to play with and help her learn but she would do well in a home being the only dog if her humans are not gone for long.

Myrri will make her fur-ever family very happy and will fill their lives with laughter and love.

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