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Myria is adopted

Sponsored by Rachel & Michael., in loving memory of their sweet girl Sugar



What a beauty this sweet girl is!

Myria is one lovely two-year old hound mix. She’s kind, gentle, quiet, cuddly, and smart. She loves to cuddle and is always down for a treat, and she takes so gently out of your hand. She is great with dogs of all sizes and is happy to wrestle with them or just hang. She is very calm, but also likes to play. She’s medium energy level.

So far, she seems house trained and she doesn’t bark very much. She’s on her way to knowing how to sit and will have that perfected in no time. She enjoys looking out the window while in the car and sits in the back seat just enjoying the ride. She doesn’t pull that much while walking and will be good at that with some training and patience.

This girl is going to make a great member of the family.