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Maya has been adopted!

Sponsored in memory of Pika


Maya is a sweet and gentle senior. Through no fault of her own, she is in need of a new home. Her owner was no longer able to care for her and she was placed with Save Me Rescue.

She gets along well with other dogs, cats, and people. Maya is a pleasure to walk as she trots along on a loose leash- no pulling or barking. She enjoys every minute!

She is completely housetrained and potties in the fenced yard with her foster siblings.

Maya guards the yard and happily chases squirrels and chipmunks away.

Maya needed a complete dental and a spay when she came into Rescue. She has only 3 teeth left and requires a soft diet now. Either canned food or softened kibbles are gobbled up.

Maya was upset at first when she was left alone. She could be quite vocal. She has shown great improvement but still needs to work on this. An apartment might not be a good choice. A person who is home a great deal would be great. Maya does not need to be crated as she is very well behaved in the home.

Maya has a luxating patella on a rear leg. This has not caused her any concern. Many small dogs have this condition. In the past, she has had a problem with anal glands. Adding fibre to her diet helps with this.

She prefers to curl up at my feet and stays there as long as I am sitting. Loud noises are scary for her. She avoids the vacuum cleaner or a person with a loud voice.

Because of her small size, she would do better in a home without small children.

Maya was lovingly fostered by Evelyn