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Muskwa has been adopted!

Sponsored by Ted Alexander in memory of dear friends Dody & Lorne Mitchell. Every dog deserves a second chance and a loving home.




Meet Muskwa!

This happy, goofy boy is the full package! From a northern Ontario community, Muskwa is the definition of a northern dog. Even his name (which suits him so well) means ‘Bear’ in the Cree language.

Muskwa is incredibly friendly and loves all of his furry foster siblings. His idea of a fantastic day is to be outside for as long as possible, chase and wrestle with his doggie friends, chase a ball or play with a stuffie, and then take a cool dip in a wading pool (or a lake!).

Muskwa is high energy and is looking for an active family with another big energetic pup to play with every day! He loves to go hiking and explore with his nose. We are still working on leash walking but he is making great strides. He will do better with a lot of space to run around. Currently Muskwa is going to doggie daycare every day with his foster siblings and this is helping his socialization greatly! He loves everyone he meets and will snuggle in for as many pet’s from the humans as possible.

After a full day of being high energy, running and playing Muskwa does LOVE to cuddle up on the couch with you and nap while you pet him endlessly. He is happy to give endless kisses and is also perfectly content to sleep on the foot of your bed and sleeps through the night.

He is fully house broken, with the occasional marking as he has just been neutered. This will pass on its own in time.

Muskwa does show a tendency to resource guard his food with other dogs, so this will need to be managed by feeding separate from any other pups. Any humans in the household especially children will need to learn how to manage this properly to avoid any issues.

We are working on basic obedience and recall training and he does know and respond to his name wonderfully.

This handsome boy would be a great addition to any couple or family who will love to spend time outdoors, cottages, camping, this boy was made for the wilderness!

Muskwa was lovingly fostered by Stephanie