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Murphy has been adopted!

Sponsored by Lori, in honour of her sweet girl, Lexi



It’s me, Murphy. Did you see how handsome I am?!!? Not only am I handsome, I am friendly, outgoing, curious, happy and very energetic. My previous home didn’t have the time or ability to provide me with the exercise I need so I am hoping to find a home with a big fenced yard, another dog to play with, people that love to play and aren’t away from the house a full 8 hours each day.

In my foster home, I run around playing with my doggie foster sister. I am submissive to her and love to play chase, tug of war and wrestle. I am also learning manners and boundaries. My foster mom says I am super smart and have caught on quickly to the house rules. I also have 2 kitty foster sisters. I’m really not too concerned about them; sometimes I go up and smell them. When the grumpy one hits me in the face I walk away, after all there are toys waiting for me to play with them!

I am learning how to walk on leash. I have pretty much mastered sitting at all street corners but foster mom says I need to realize I am not a sled dog and we are not on our way to the river to save Timmy! Today she had me walk with a gentle leader and we had a marvelous time. It was even more fun for me cause we got to go for a really long walk and smell lots of new stuff. I like to pick up sticks along the way and carry/chew them for a while.

If you think I would be a good fit with your family, please contact my foster mom. If you choose me, I can guarantee we will have lots of fun and I will make you smile at least once a day…probably more like 100 times a day!

From Murphy’s foster Mom – Murphy is a sweet, happy go lucky, loving boy. He is crate trained but would do best in a home where he is not crated for a full day and where weekends will be spent with him in mind. He is very smart and learns new things quickly but needs to be able to run around and exert his energy. A large fenced yard would be a must for this boy, another playful dog to hang with would be a big bonus too. As he is a big puppy and does not always realize his size, children 10 or older would be best. Murphy is a very loving and trusting boy; he will make a wonderful companion and family member to a very lucky home.


Murphy was lovingly fostered by Andrea