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Moose has been adopted!

Sponsored by Mike and Robin Tamburro at IG Wealth Newmarket – on behalf of our valued clients and in loving memory of sweet Max, who left his paw print forever on our hearts.


Introducing Moose. AKA Mr. Moose, Bubs, Cutie Pattotie or Cute Boy.

Moose is quite the charmer. With his handsome good looks and wonderful personality, he is sure to be loved by everyone that he meets. He has already received multiple compliments by many passerby on our walks. Walking is about 95% down pat. No pulling issues whatsoever. He does require some re-direction as he tends to swerve in, out and around to smell all the smells, and – like all dogs, LOVES squirrels. If he really wants to get a good smell of a certain pretty flower or fire hydrant, he is quite stubborn about moving on until he is done. A quick reminder has him back on track, to continue his saunter down the street.

He has been nothing but a gentleman with all humans and dogs he has met. No issues with passing cars, traffic or loud noises (the fire alarm has gone off twice in the building and he was not phased). He has seen cats on our walks and at the vet, with no reaction. However he has had no direct interaction with cats or kids since arriving into foster care.

He is fully house trained (no accidents), and working on a few manners. If he smells food on a counter, he will hop up to take a peek. He has been quick with training and has learned “off” in the few short days in foster.  As with most huskies, Moose can be vocal when they want something (out or food), which has been helpful to know when it is time for a walk, but he has not been heard barking once.

Mr. Moose sleeps through the night, and spends most of his days snoozing at the feet of his foster mom. Despite his size, he loves to cuddle and show affection with kisses. He has been chewing and ripping apart his toys, but so far has kept the chewing mostly to his own toys. Due to this, he has been crated only when left alone. When his foster mom is home and at night, he has free reign of the house, which usually means close by or at the foot of the bed.

When Moose came into rescue he had a number of ticks on him and he was given a dose of simparica and had the ticks removed as well. We did an advanced parasite blood screen and everything came back negative. Although the vet felt that the ticks that were removed were not the type they are concerned about, we do recommend that Moose have a 4dx test done in 6-8 months as a recent infection would not have shown at this time. Should Moose test positive for one of the tick borne illnesses he will need a course of an antibiotic called doxycycline and this will take care of it.

As ticks have become an ever-increasing problem, we do recommend that Moose stay on a flea/tick preventative as well as a heart worm preventative during the warm months.

Moose is the goodest of good boys and will make the perfect addition and companion.

Moose was lovingly fostered by Katie.