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Moon Pie

Moon Pie has been adopted!

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Moon Pie came to us from a shelter, where she had been for about a month. We are not sure what lead to her being there. She looks like she may have had a few litters of puppies, and she needed surgery to address a mammary gland cyst, so she may have been a breeding dog who had outlived her usefulness. We can only guess. What matters now is she is safe, happy and looking for a place to spend the next (and best) stage of her life.

As with how she came to the shelter, we are also not certain of her age. The vet in the shelter thought she was 10. But, after a few weeks of good food, a nice bed and lots of attention, the Rescue’s vet thinks she could be as young as 5. Unfortunately, this is no sure way of knowing a dog’s age. When there is a discrepancy in thoughts about a dogs age we do defer to the judgement of  or local veterinarians.

Moon Pie is a beagle mix. She is a very happy, gentle, affectionate dog. She loves toys (especially stuffed animals that squeak) and chewing bones. One of her favourite games is to collect up all the toys from the floor and bring them to her bed. She has recently started to play ball, but she needs a bit more work to completely figure that game out.

She is currently living with two other dogs and gets along very well with them, but would likely be very happy being the only dog – that way she gets all the attention. She has not been tested with children or cats, but her gentle submissive personality suggests she would do fine.

The most important thing to know about Moon Pie is that she is a true lap dog and craves human attention. Her evening routine is to chew on a bone for a half hour or so, and then climb up on the chair for an evening of cuddling. She needs to be in a home where she is welcome on the couch for a cuddle and gets to sleep in the family bed. These are musts for this dog and she will not be placed in a home where there is welcomed.

She is very good in the car and would sleep or look out the window.

While she craves attention, she can also be quite independent. She loves to have quiet time to lie in the sun and bake in the heat. She a big fan of large soft dog beds. She will move from bed to bed to follow the sun. Her new home will need a good variety of lounging spots for her, especially ones that get sun. Of course each bed will have to have a collection of toys.

She really enjoys getting out for walks and exploring her neighbourhood stopping along the way to say hi to the dogs and people she encounters. She has a pretty strong hunting instinct and has yet to see a bird or squirrel that she thinks does not need to be chased. Being a beagle, there is nothing better for her than poking around the back yard exploring all the smells. For this reason, she needs a home with a securely fenced back or front yard. She would not do well in an apartment.

She rarely barks. She is spayed and up to date on her shots. She seems to be a healthy girl. Her teeth are good, although she is missing a few at the front. The results of the biopsy from the cyst removal show it was benign. She is fully house trained.

She has some difficulty with going up stairs. Best to assume she will always need help. She also cannot jump into the car without help. Because of this, any adopter needs to be able to pick up a dog that could grow to about 30 pounds.

She is fine being left alone, but is best in a home where she will not be alone for too long.

She is not crate trained and would likely be very unhappy in one.

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Moon Pie was lovingly fostered by Bob.