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A note from Mookie’s foster mom:

What we are seeing with Mookie right now, is that she is quite fearful but so eager to love. In the home and outdoors, she is fantastic with me and my partner and other people. She gives us kisses, loves to snuggle and is a real couch potato. She loves to be pet, is fantastic on walks (albeit a little fearful of passing cars and loud noises) but does very well with people she knows. I recommend on walks that strangers do not approach her for the time being as she is easily scared and we just do not know her well enough at this point to gage how she will react to an outstretched and unfamiliar hand. Typically, she will hide behind my legs. She has had very limited contact with children also, as we do not have any within close proximity that we know well enough to test her with. Overall, she seems to be great with both men and women, and was handled by both, and some of whom she did not know, at our recent adoption event without any trouble.

Her issue however that I want to disclose, is with regards to other dogs. Given her past, Mookie has issues with resource guarding, specifically food and treats like bones. It appears as though she has had at least one litter, though she is just a year and a half old. Therefore, she is probably used to fighting for food and has thus began to hoard food items to herself. When she is left alone with a food bowl, she will often find items around her like a blanket or a toy and cover up her food dishes so no other dogs can have at them. If another dog comes near her food, Mookie will be defensive. However, if there is no food involved, Mookie has been great with other dogs.

Mookie does have some anxiety when left alone in the home, so a detached house would probably be ideal.

For this reason however , Save Me Rescue strongly recommends and will therefore only allow that Mookie be adopted into a family and home wherein she will be the only pet, which includes both dogs and cats. We cannot take the risk that another situation arise in the future wherein another dog may be put in harms way. Any contact with other dogs in the future where food is present should only be under close supervision, on leash if possible and limited to dogs within a close circle of friends or family. Mookie is still able to go for walks in the city, on paths and in nature, however a close eye should be kept on her at all times. If she is stressed, Mookie should be picked up and held in her owner’s arms until she is able to be put back down into a less stressful environment.

As I mentioned with her people; Mookie is lovely. She is delightful, lovable and quirky. She makes us laugh, is affectionate and happy. She is the biggest snuggler we have ever known and loves to sit on a lap for hours. She will look at us with her big doe eyes and though she is fearful, you can tell that she craves love and affection. She does tricks for her treats, has a healthy appetite and is a very quiet and intelligent dog. We have high hopes that she will be a treasured member of a household, as we do love her dearly, however her new family must understand in order for Mookie and those around her to live a happy life, she must be given limitations.

Many other rescue dogs who have found themselves in very similar situations have been adopted to committed families and are now living rich, fulfilling lives but an increased level of care and precaution must be observed in order for them to do so. I personally do not doubt that this is a possibility for Mookie and would be thrilled to find a home wherein she can work on her current issues, however we cannot guarantee for certain that this will ever be an outcome. Mookie may or may never get over her fears completely and an attempt to improve her situation may put others at risk, but she will likely find a level of comfort within a home wherein she is allowed to be herself, where she is cared for and shown love, where she is free to play and run, eat snacks and enjoy belly rubs.

Mookie has been through some very tough times in her life so far, and no different to humans; some, like her sister Tate come out stronger because of it. Mookie, on the other hand; sadly seems to have some residual emotional damage at this time, however she has shown to me that she is capable of love and is eager to prove it. We ask that if you are still interested in becoming an adoptive family to Mookie, that you carefully consider all of the information provided and to please inquire if you have any further questions or concerns.



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