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Mookie is available for adoption

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Hi, I’d like to introduce you to Miss Mookie, a self-proclaimed Queen who will take her breakfast in bed thank you very much. Mookie came into our care from a family who loved her dearly; only due to heartbreaking health issues was she released into our care.

Mookie is great on a leash, and dances on her back legs when she’s really excited. She LOVES her tummy rubs. Sitting on a deck in the sunshine is her best moment.

She won’t get up for you though. All you’ll get is a sweet smile, eye winks and a thumping tail. She enjoys sitting on the back of a couch and looking out at the street. Needs a fenced yard.

She has a loud bark when she hears new sounds, so an apartment/condo might not be ideal. She would love to have someone home with her throughout the day. She shines as an only dog; she soaks up the love and gives so much back.

We are working on her guarding issues, she can be protective of her human family, so a home without children would be great.

After her arrival back into our care, Mookie visited our veterinarian for a thorough check up. This included a full blood panel and an EKG to make sure that she was in good health and able to have her dental surgery without any concerns. Mookie recently had her dental which included having 7 teeth extracted. She sailed through the surgery and has recovered beautifully. Miss Mookie is UTD on her vaccinations.

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**Adoptions within the province of Ontario only