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Molly has been adopted!

In memory of Freedom 🐶. A most beloved and good boy. Condolences to Carmella from her friends at Save Me.



Molly is a very happy, sweet, playful and very curious girl. When she is tired or overwhelmed, she just loves to snuggle and be right beside you. She loves playing with toys and is very good at fetch. Molly would be a welcome addition for the right family or person who would have the time to continue with and strengthen her training.

She is a Mini Pinscher 9 months old and weighs 22 lbs. She is in very good health and is spayed Her shots are current to July 2020. She is a quiet girl and not prone to barking.

This sweetie comes to us from Boone County Animal Shelter in Tennessee, where she was surrendered by her owners who had raised her from a puppy. Unfortunately, they both became ill with serious medical conditions and could no longer care for her. Molly was a much-loved member of their family. The days since her surrender have been somewhat stressful for Molly which displayed in a small baldish spot above each hip where she chewed the hair. It is starting to grow back now that she is in a home again.

Molly currently lives with her foster mom, three dogs and 2 cats. She loves human contact and tends to follow her foster mom everywhere. She gets along extremely well with her siblings and is continuously ready to play tag and wrestle with them. She is afraid of the cats and will go as far away from them as she can without leaving the room. She displays a good respectful attitude towards the other dogs and is in no way aggressive. Molly is fully housetrained.

She loves sleeping on the couch, cuddling and tummy rubs. Her understanding of the basic commands is weak and needs more training to strengthen them. She walks very well with a leash and harness. She does exhibit some low-level anxiety but is soothed by her human. This could be a result of her sudden displacement and change in routine.

Molly is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly. She is curious, at times even fearless. She is a chewer: toys, papers, wires – whatever she can get, usually when she is bored. She has taken to her Nylabone.

Molly will blossom in a home where her humans have the patience and time to be with her, invest in training and keep up her socialization. A mature or calm home would be preferred. Older children or dog-savvy children would also be of benefit for Molly. Her previous owners indicated she was good with / exposed to children 11- 17. A fenced yard is a must, if living in a house.

Molly is a joy to foster. She is such a happy little girl, always ready to please and play!


Molly was lovingly fostered by Jackie