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Molly has been adopted!

Sponsored by Alissa J., in memory of Princess Molly of Shaftesbury


Molly has had enough curve balls thrown at her, she just wants a comfy couch and a loving family to tell her stories and make her feel secure.

Molly was the family pet of a military family, who was called to duty. Her family consisted of a mom, dad and an autistic human sibling (of which Molly simply adored!). She was left in the care of a family member who fell very ill, caught in a tough situation, Molly was surrendered and her world thrown for a loop.

It’s hard to truly assess this girl as she is so out of her comfort zone. She is overwhelmed by the environment change of quiet loving home, to noisy strange and simply scary shelter. She was terribly frightened and unsure. Thankfully one of our veteran foster homes has opened the door to her and she will have all the peace and quiet, and understanding she needs to open up and shine.