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Molly has been adopted.


Molly is the perfect example of the word perseverance. You see, she is one of the happiest girls in the world, despite her terrible start in life. Molly was found tied to a pole and left in the woods to starve to death. Thankfully, she was found in the nick of time and held by someone for the shelter until she could gain some much needed weight. We are proud to say that she is now healthy and ready for adoption!

As sweet as she is stunning, (which says a lot) Molly weights in around 40 lbs, and we estimate she is likely a Labrador crossed with a bit of Border Collie. Though she is easily and most often mistaken for a black dog, Molly is actually a dark chocolate brown, with the most adorable white toes you have ever seen. White markings on her face and chest make her easily decipherable in a crowd (or next to her foster brother Rocko) and are an indicative trait of Border Collies.

At a mere 8 months old, Molly is delightfully playful, silly and aims to please.  She knows her name and comes when called, and she seems to know sit, with a bit of coaching.  Though she isn’t food driven when it comes to learning new tricks – she is powered by love and looks for attention and to make her person proud.  Molly is fully housebroken and sleeps like a dream in her crate overnight.  Her snores are adorable purrs, and there is nothing this girl does that isn’t short of cute. Though she won’t need a crate long term, we want her to have a safe place of her own while she gets used to her surroundings and all of the changes she has been through lately!

Molly is great with cats! Regardless of how much her kitten sibling taunts her, Molly simply won’t chase.  With dogs however, while she is fantastic as well, she does want to play much more with her canine friends. During the evening, Molly will happily go into her crate to rest and to separate herself from the excitement. She will be fine in a home with children, but will need training to ensure that she isn’t jumping or knocking anyone over. Though she is pretty gentle, as a puppy, she does like a good romp around the house!  She is great on walks and is good on a leash.

Her foster family is already in love with her, and know that she would be a fantastic addition to anyone’s family. For more information on Molly, please contact her foster mom Christine, at

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!


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