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Miss Bella

Miss Bella has been adopted!

Sponsored by Jennifer G. In celebration of her friend Maya’s birthday


Miss Bella….is a very sweet, gentle Beagle….is around 7 yrs young and 28 lbs.  And she’s a special girl cause she is a tripod !  You would never know doesn’t slow her down at all.

She is one of the cuddliest dogs I have ever fostered and literally cannot get close enough to you on the sofa or in bed !  Bella is really good with the small dogs here..and loves anyone who acknowledges her….with a gentle rub !  She does like to nap close to one of the dogs here…..the other is 14 yrs old and maybe Bella feels safe with my Jodi ?  Bella appears to be totally house trained and can be trusted to be left alone for a few hours with no damage.   Because she is a beagle who follows her nose….she must have a fenced yard….and should always be on leash.  I do believe that a leash is a dogs lifeline..especially with the hound breeds !~  Bella would make a best friend to anyone who shows her love and attention…


Bella was lovingly fostered by Janet