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Miss Anna

Miss Anna has been adopted!

Sponsored by Samantha L., in loving memory of her dog Clifford


Could she honestly be any cuter? That underbite showing her beautiful white teeth is so endearing.

Miss Anna is a young, female, Shih Tzu mix, that weighs about 15lb. She is not a dog that you would be picking up and carrying around often. She is too big for that. She has been very good with dogs of all sizes as well as the cat. She is a bit shy and hesitant when meeting new people but she warms up quickly and is then full of kisses.

Since her arrival on Saturday, she has had no accidents in the house. She enjoys going outside and spending time in the sunshine. She was good when putting her harness on and then walked fairly well on leash. She is a moderate energy dog and daily walks and socialization would be great for her. I don’t believe she has been taught any basic commands so obedience class and boundary setting would definitely be helpful for her. She begs for people food by whining then barking then just jumping up on your lap to take it from the plate. We are working hard on correcting this behaviour. She seems eager to learn and is obviously food motivated.

She has a really nice, soft, white coat and a big fluffy tail. We have seen her several times chasing her tail. Not sure if this is a game or if she is itchy there. I don’t see any skin irritation in that area. She also tries to play with the dog she sees in the mirror so I think this is just part of her puppy personality.

We had her in a crate to sleep the first night and she was not happy and cried quite a bit. Since she has not had any accidents I decided to let her sleep with me the second night. She cuddled right in and slept right through the night. I left did not crate her when I went out after then but put her in the kitchen. She did fine although was a bit vocal again.

Anna seems like she would adjust to most situations but because she is vocal, I would not suggest an apartment for her. I think she would be fine with older children that would be respectful of her initial hesitation and understanding of living with a smaller dog.