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Misha has been adopted. 


A note from Mischa:

Hi, My name is Mischa they tell me I am a cute little Yorkie. I am so happy to be free now you see I have lived a horrible life in a Puppy Mill. I was never fed regularly and never felt the hands of loving human or heard a soft whisper of a kind voice. They fed me from a trough and never spoke to me except when they wanted to use me to make puppies and then just picked me up by the scruff of the neck. I am trying so hard to trust but I am finding it difficult to leave my past behind. I am looking for a forever home with a retired couple or person that has nothing but time to help me learn everything about the “Good Life” if you have a nice dog that would like to curl up to me so I can feel secure and warm I would love that. I love to play especially with another dog and also love to eat. I really do love my foster family they have been so nice to me and I keep trying to accept their love but find it hard so I keep my distance but I do listen to them and love their voices. Are you that forever home for me?

A note from Mischa’s foster mom:

Mischa is having a difficult time trusting a human touch at this point. It’s obvious that she has been emotionally and physically abused. Once picked up she is ok but tries to keep her distance because of fear of being roughly handled or hit this will take time for her to totally trust her owners. I am working on her to be trusting enough to be picked up with a fuss of trying to get away.

She is currently living with 3 other dogs and she loves their companionship and likes to lie down with them. I have been working everyday with her to earn her trust Mischa is just not there yet but is engaging and is getting use to the hustle & bustle of a home. She eats very well and she watches everything you are doing. She loves to run around with the dogs and play and has a toy box that she digs into and takes out her toys. At this point she isn’t housebroken although I use pee pads and she has used them but does forget and has accidents.
At this point in her life Misha is also not comfortable with walking on a leash as she never knew what this was. This will require time and work but hopefully she will get to the point of beign able to go for a nice walk and enjoying it just like any other dog that didn’t have to endure this horrible past. Because of that Misha is looking for a home with completely fenced in and safe backyard. She is Not suitable for condo living.

Mischa needs a quiet home where someone has the patience and time to win her over once she trust you she will be a wonderful little dog with a big heart. Is that you? Do you have what it takes to turn this wee soul around?

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