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Minnie has been adopted. 


Save Me fans, please meet Minnie! Like many of our foster dogs, Minnie has quite the unique story to her very short life so far.

Minnie was found in Kentucky by a truck driver after being sadly hit by a car. She was emaciated and suffered some broken ribs, as well as a few other bumps and bruises. Luckily our gitl was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic and received treatment for her wounds and they worked on getting her weight up.

A few months later she was ready for travel and made the trip up to Canada to find out what peameal bacon and maple syrup is all about. She’s happy she made the trip! She is currently 38lbs and could stand to gain a few more, but she likes her food and given a little bit of time she’ll be right on target.

You would never guess she’s had such a rough go, based on her personality. Minnie is such a happy puppy who loves to play and be a total goof, nothing gets her down! She loves her people and everyone she meets. In exchange for some belly rubs she will give back plenty of love

Minnie gets along great with other dogs and children. Given that she only met her foster brother Ralph about a week ago, you can see from the photos in this post that they have become quite close, and Minnie would love the company of another dog just like him. She hasn’t been tested yet with cats, however it has been reported that she did well with cats at the vet clinic where she received treatment.

Minnie is house trained to the point where she will tap a bell with her nose to alert her owners that it’s time for a bathroom break, such a smart girl! She’s crate trained and will require use of a crate when on her own, she’s still a puppy at heart and can get into trouble from time to time if left on her own.

It seems Minnie never received any command based training, it’s a work in progress and being such a smart girl she’s picking things up very fast. However it will still take a bit of time and training until she fully has a grasp on her commands.

Minnie loves to go for walks and she’s getting more and more used to a leash every day. Being a hound mix she will occasionally try and follow her nose. The use of a gentle leader or halti works wonders with her. As she’s still learning her basic commands including her name, she should be kept on a leash when outside of an enclosed area. Minnie loves the outdoors! She will take the opportunity to go gallivanting if she gets the chance, and her foster parents have discovered she’s like the Usain Bolt of the dog world.

Considering her breed, Minnie rarely barks. She can be a little anxious and vocal when her foster parents leave the house, but usually settles after a few minutes. Loud noises aren’t her most favourite thing in the world either.

Minnie’s foster family will be very sad to see her go, however are willing to give her up to the right person/family so that other dogs in need can be helped. At this time, we feel as though Minnie would thrive in a home with a yard so that she may continue to strengthen her muscles.

For more information on Minnie, please contact her foster dad Brian, at

Please note that Minnie is Brian’s first Save Me Rescue foster dog, so we ask for your patience and understanding!

Please note that while we continue to get to know each of our dogs, their biographies will be updated with additional information, so make sure to check back once in a while!

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