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Minnie has been adopted!

Sponsored by Sue, In memory of her gentle giant, Lennon, who crossed the rainbow bridge on February 18, 2020


Words are hard to come up with that do justice to what a beautiful dog Minnie is, so why not start by watching her video. Just go to:

Minnie was a stray and is now looking for her forever home. We understand her to be a mix of Husky and Terrier. She has the colours of a Husky, but is short haired. We think she is about two years old and weighs about 50 pounds. She is house trained and good on a leash (pulls a bit, but is learning not to do that).

She is eager to please and good with basic commands. She is gentle when taking treats. She is very smart and will no doubt learn any new commands easily.

When on her leash walks, she loves to meet people and is always very happy to say to “hi”, including to other dogs.

Minnie likes to take her time and poke around outside at her own speed, so a secure fully fenced yard is essential.

Perhaps Minnie’s favourite thing to do is just hang out in the house. She is not high energy and can be a bit of a couch potato. If someone is in the kitchen, if they look down, Minnie will be there. A good time for her is curling up close while her foster dad reads a book or joining the family on the couch to watch TV. If you are every wondering where Minnie is, check the dog beds – she is yet to find one that is not perfect. She does like the occasional play of chasing a ball (no promises she will bring it back to you). She really enjoys going for walks and exploring the world.

She is not very vocal. She is very good in the car.

While she is very affectionate, she can also be independent. She is happy to curl up in a corner on her own, often following the sun shining in the window, or head off to the bedroom for a sleep. She loves to pass time with a good chew on her bones.

While Minnie is generally a gentle, affectionate, well behaved girl, sometimes when off-leash, she can get into very excited play with other dogs, which can become very rough, including biting at those dogs. Because of this, she should not go to off-leash dog parks. The misbehaviour does not happen every time she plays and seems to occur when the level of play gets very intense. When she does have an opportunity to play off-leash, she would need to be monitored to ensure the intensity of play does not exceed an acceptable level. Similarly, when excited, she can become very possessive of toys, and bite at other dogs to get a toy or bone she thinks she should have. Toys and bones are best kept away if other dogs are around, or there should be monitoring if allowed.

While currently living with three dogs, Minnie would likely be very happy to be the only dog in the house. She does not interact much with her current house-mates, preferring the company of her humans.

Minnie is not crate trained, and she would need training on this, if a crate is to be used. We do not recommend leaving her alone for more than 4 hours. She is too interested in being with her humans to be left for too long. She is still really a puppy and you will need to treat her accordingly when leaving her alone.

Minnie is spayed and up to date on her shots.

We think she is best in a home where kids are over 12. We are not aware of whether she has any experience with young children. She has not been tested with cats.


Minnie was lovingly fostered by Bob