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Minaj has been adopted!

Sponsored in honour of Michele Decresce with gratitude for going above and beyond caring for Ike while on his journey to Canada.


Her name is Minaj and playing is her game!

This little beauty is part husky which is impossible to hide when you look at her and crossed with border collie. She has one blue eye and one brown eye which are so full of energy and curiosity. She has legs for days and lots of love to give everyone.  Another wonderful Husky trait she acquired is her voice, she is chatty when she wants you to know something. But it’s not barking, it’s the husky howl that she does.  She is comfortable around other dogs and children, barely even notices they’re there. She is more interested in food and playing fetch than bothering with others, everything is a game. She is such a goofball, but has so much potential to be an amazing companion. She is learning quick and is well on her way to being a well trained, well mannered lady.

Only 3 years old, she is  a bundle of life, energy and curiosity. She is always on alert ready for anything, as soon as someone moves she jumps up ready for action. She is currently 45lbs, but is in rehab working on putting on some weight. Being a husky mix she should be a heavier dog, she just needs a little assistance in getting there.

Considering how tall and long she is, with a nice fluffy tail and a highly active and intelligent dog, she needs space and lots of it. Ideally a family that would be able to take her for long runs or a large property where she could release that energy.

Minaj is really super sweet, but has yet to master her manners. She will sit when asked, and take food nicely from your hand. She is working on that husky stare when around humans eating and doesn’t always like to come when called (seems to respond better to a mans voice), she thinks you’re coming to play with her. It’s always play time for her! She does do all of her business outside and will go lay by the door when she wants to go outside. She does like to follow her foster mom around the house to see what she’s doing and is the last one at the door when the humans leave and the first one announcing their return.

Minaj has had some history of severe skin issues and is healing up quite nicely from the latest flair up. The vet has checked her out and suspects it is a combination of seasonal allergies as well as food allergies. She is only allowed to eat her vet food since the specific allergy is unknown and will most likely need to be on that food for the rest of her years. She is taking anti allergy medication to help her heal, and could require them again in the future to help keep seasonal allergies to a minimum.

If you are an active family, looking for a larger lovely intelligent addition to keep up with your family, than Minaj is the perfect fit for you!!!

* Minaj is not accepting applications at this time. Her foster family is working hard to get some healthy weight on her. She is also on the mend from a skin flair up caused by a suspected allergy and is currently on vet specific food to get it under control. She is also heading in to be spayed and will need some time to recover. Her foster family would be happy to chat with anyone who has questions.