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Mimi has been adopted!

Sponsored by Toba, in honour of Toby, Riley, and Penny. Every furbaby deserves a loving home and happiness



Mimi was saved from a shelter in Quebec and made the journey to Ontario at the beginning of May. She was surrendered because she needed some significant vetting. She had to have surgery to remove 5 large bladder stones and has recovered from this surgery very well. She is no longer having trouble peeing or feeling uncomfortable when walking. She is also going into surgery to have 6 teeth extracted, so she’ll need to recover from this surgery before she can be adopted out.

Mimi is a bit shy at first, but once she starts to feel comfortable, she will sit by your feet to get petted, and will cuddle up next to you on the couch. She also enjoys throwing around stuffed toys and taking naps in her cozy dog bed. She loves a good blanket to snuggle up in and nestle her face into!

Any time she needs to be left alone during the day, or while sleeping overnight, Mimi goes into her crate. She doesn’t make a peep at night when it’s time for bed and will happily cozy in there for about 7-8 hours overnight. If she’s put in her crate during the day, she’ll whine a little bit, but will quickly settle down. She recognizes the crate as her safe space!

When it comes to food, she definitely has that beagle food obsession! When we’re eating, she will make a bit of ruckus because she just wants what we’re having, but we’ve been working on her manners. We tell her to be quiet (in French!) and she tends to listen to this command pretty well.

When it comes to her own food, she’s been eating her kibble with a little bit of water and wet food. As mentioned, she needs to have some of her teeth extracted, so adding the water helps make the kibble softer for her to eat. She’s also going to be on a specific SO urinary vet food for the rest of her life because of the bladder stones she developed.

Despite her love of food, she hasn’t shown any food aggression. She eats her meals with her foster brother without any issue. She also hasn’t reacted when he’s tried to steal snacks from her.

She’s comfortable with stairs, so there would be no issue with a multi-level house, but we would recommend she lives in a detached home, since she can be quite vocal at times. She definitely has that beagle howl!

She has some anxiety when she’s in the car. We think it’s because she’s never really experienced being in a car before. She will make a bit of a fuss at the beginning but does tend to calm down eventually. We think that will more exposure to it, she will start to get more comfortable.

Since having her bladder stones removed, she hasn’t had any accidents in the house! She knows to go to the back door when she needs out and will wait patiently to be let in when she’s done.

She hasn’t been able to go on many walks because she’s been recovering from surgery, but from the short ones she has been on, we have noticed that she will pull a little bit with excitement. She also seems to react when she sees other dogs outside. Once she’s able to go on more walks, we will continue to work on this with her and update the profile once we have more information.

She’s friendly with the dogs next door, she gets along quite well with her foster brother, and the other dog visitors that stop by. We think she will be fine in a home with another dog. She hasn’t been tested with cats, but hasn’t show much prey drive with the critters outside.

Mimi is looking for a forever home that will be patient with her as she continues to learn and grow. She really wants a comfy place to sleep, someone to cuddle with, and a lot of love!

Mimi will be ready to go home after she recovers from a dental.