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Mimi has been adopted!

Sponsored by Joanne and Gracie in honour of all the precious dogs who need and deserve loving homes



Mimi is a love bug, she loves having her belly scratched. She loves cuddling with you, just wants to be close to you and doesn’t mind sharing you with her foster sisters. She loves people and is very friendly. Mimi likes to sleep on your bed and has to be close to you. She loves to snuggle right up against you.

Mimi is active and likes to play. She will occasionally play with the toys but likes to interact with Ily & Maggie preferably. She walks well on a leash.

She expects her toast in the morning and will sit at your feet to make sure you don`t forget. She is very dainty and likes little pieces. Mimi has a great appetite, cleans her bowl right up. She is not aggressive with food and is very gentle when she takes treats etc. from your hand. She has a very loving nature.



Mimi was lovingly fostered by Dorothea