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Milo has been adopted!

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Hello Milo!!

Milo is a clingy, loving, friendly pup who was surrendered because the owner was worried about paying the vet bill when he broke his leg. He now has one slightly crooked leg but don’t think that stops him!

Milo is a 1 year old poodle cross, maybe a labradoodle with a lot of poodle.

Now the fun stuff – Milo loves long walks and had no problem on a half hour run. He loves playing with other dogs and racing around with them, but he does not jump on them or mount them. He does not pull on the leash but sometimes needs encouragement if a lot of cars are going by us (maybe because he loves riding in cars!). Milo does not know he is supposed to chase squirrels so please don’t tell him.
Milo is pretty indifferent around cats but happy to play with them if they want to play with him.

So far, Milo is a one woman dog. He loves to be petted by adults and children alike but mostly sticks close to me, his foster mom.

He doesn’t bark a lot although sometimes he will if he hears sounds from upstairs or outside.
Milo wants to sleep in my room either in his crate or not. He likes being with his people but is happy to curl up on the floor while I watch TV, read, write this bio or cook (making me step over him). He is definitely trainable and is learning to sit and give a paw when we come in from our walks, so I am able to wipe him. He is house trained.

Milo will bring a lot of joy to the right person or family. He is a doll!


Milo was lovingly fostered by Debra