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Milo has been adopted

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Watch Milo snuggle with his foster mom.. click HERE

Hey ladies, are you looking for a man in your life?  One that is loyal, wants to share his life with you, loves to be outdoors, go for walks and snuggle on the couch?  Look no further, you have found your man!  It’s me Milo!

Hi, my name is Milo and at one point in my life everything was good; then my person became ill and had to go into a nursing home. When I arrived in my foster home, I was unsure of a lot of things but that it is understandable after all the changes I have had to go through.  I quite enjoy my foster home as it is quiet, my meals are great, I have a few cozy dog beds to choose from and I have a person’s lap (which belongs to my foster mom) that invites me up for snuggles and belly rubs.

I have learned that playing with my foster mom is a lot of fun and we have been working on some basic obedience training and I seem to have mastered quite a few things.   Of course, a nice treat always helps and I am told that I take them from my person very gently.  Currently, we are working on my leash manners as I pull on my  leash at times.

I enjoy the outdoors and I would LOVE my own backyard if I lived in the city or a nice long lead to walk on if I lived in the country.  My foster mom says that my nose is always to the ground on our walks and I have more energy when I am outside.   When I am inside, I am a lazy guy who is happy to sleep away in my dog bed or snuggle with you.

I am independent and not crated during the day when my foster mom is  out of the home.  I am always patient but excited to see the little kong that is filled with peanut butter that is left for me when she is out.  I am quiet, fully house trained and not destructive and I spend the day snoozing on my dog bed when my foster mom is out.

My foster mom says that I would do best in a home with no other animals.  I agree with this as I sure love the fact that I don’t have to share my person’s lap with anyone else.

I bond quickly to one person and I am looking for an adult only home.  I think I have already mentioned this but I also really want my own fenced in backyard, or if I was to live in the country, I would need a long leash that would allow me to run/play and be free.  I am looking for a forever home that will welcome me on their lap, snuggle with me, and allow me to be the apple of your eye for the rest of my life.

A note from Milo’s foster mom – Typical for the chi breed, Milo tends to bond with one person and his bond with that one person is incredibly strong. He prefers women over men; however has come to trust his foster dad in his foster home. Being Milo’s “person” is a special privilege, and with only his person is he able to let his guard down to show you his hilarious personality.

With his person he is cuddly, goofy, affectionate and loyal but he will need a home who understands he still has some  mistrust of people.  He is not confrontational with anyone that he meets; in fact, he is happy to meet everyone at the door  with happiness and tail wags.



Milo was lovingly fostered by Courtney