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Millie has been adopted!


Sponsored by Margaret and Doug and their dog Riley


Meet Millie!

This girl is as sweet as pie and will melt your heart with her puppy dog eyes and her always happy wagging tail. She is a quiet girl and can be a little bit shy at first (even though her tail will be wagging), she would do better in a quieter home as she does seem to be a little bit timid when her surroundings are loud.

She does fantastic with her foster brothers and sisters of all sizes and temperaments. She does great in her crate while her foster parents are at work during the day and she is pretty much house trained. Her energy level is on  the lower side, she loves to be by your side and cuddle up and rest her head in  your hands so that you can scratch under her chin (this is her favorite).

Sweet and gentle describes her to a T and has been such a joy to have  in  her foster home. She will make a wonderful family pet in a nice and calm home.


Millie was lovingly fostered by Paulina